Advertising / Short Film

Si&Ad heart warming short films

Directors Si&Ad are back with another heart warming production featuring graphics by design agency Planning Unit.

The film is based on a short story written by Si about a woman whose moods change with the weather. The pair decided to adapt the tale two years ago and have since been working on Indoor in between projects. “It always takes a long time to work on a short because everyone has to do it for free,” he says. “It took a few months to write and about a year to make.”



In the decade they’ve spent working together, Si&Ad have produced some brilliant shorts and commercials, including the award-winning ‘Piano’ video and Think Box’s Harvey & Rabbit (below) – a funny, sweet and memorable ad highlighting the power of TV advertising through the story of a dog and his favourite toy rabbit.

The motion graphics and advertising posters for Indoor were created by design agency Planning Unit. Co-founder Jeff Knowles has known Si since university, and collaborated with the duo on their 2012 Morrisons Christmas ads.

Both the posters and title sequence use faded wooden lettering instead of digital type, which captures Jaywick’s faded grandeur.




(via Creative Review)


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