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All Daft Punk commercials from the last 12 years

daft punk collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Apple, Coca Cola and Gap

It has become pretty much impossible to spend a day without being exposed to Daft Punk’s new album ‘Random Access Memories’. In fact, it is the most digitally integrated marketing campaign for an album…ever. We see the French duo on buses, in ‘the Simpsons’, on frozen pizzas and while shazaming our (other) favourite songs. The Creator’s Project’s ‘The Collaborators’ series has generated some 10-digit number of views and ‘Get Lucky’ was the fastest sold song in history; but somehow we are not fed up with Daft Punk.

Daft Punk have been internationally successful for over 20 years and it is their consistency that makes them still look attractive after so long. Their unchanged robot personas have strengthened this image and established Daft Punk’s invaluable coolness in the mainstream. The visual Daft Punk brand is everywhere and everybody wants a piece for him/herself. Daft Punk stands for innovation and coolness, timelessness and quality. Below is a list of all brand commercials starring the duo from Paris.

Gap / March 2001
Apple / June 2005
Sony Ericsson / January 2006
Activision / September 2009
Adidas / June 2010
Coca Cola / September 2011
Intel / April 2013
Saint Laurent / April 2013
Lotus F1 / May 2013

Gap / March 2001

In the spring of 2001, Daft Punk appeared on a now infamous Gap commercial, which features actress Juliette Lewis and the French robot duo dancing to their single ‘Digital Love’.

Apple / June 2005

When Apple launched their legendary silhouette campaign in 2005, one particularly successful commercial featured Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’.

Sony Ericsson / January 2006

Sony Ericsson commissioned Daft Punk and their futuristic lines for the launch of the Japanese mobile phone DoCoMo Premini CM in early 2006.

Activision / September 2009

For the launch of the video game ‘DJ Hero’ (Guitar Hero’s little sister), Daft Punk starred in a fully animated commercial showing the duo on stage.

Adidas / June 2010

For their World Cup 2010 campaign, Adidas remade the Star Wars cantina scene, combining original footage with new shots featuring Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, David Beckham and more.

Coca Cola / September 2011

After rumours in 2010, Coca Cola confirmed that Daft Punk would design their new bottles for the French market. The limited edition became a collectible and was soon known as ‘Daft Coke’.

Intel / April 2013

The Creators Project, an initiative by Vice and Intel, hooked up the duo to produce a documentary series called ‘The Collaborators’ which would become one of the most successful viral video campaigns in history.

Saint Laurent / April 2013

For YSL’s rebrand to Saint Laurent, newly appointed creative director Hedi Slimane called Daft Punk and others for one set of iconic black-and-white shots.

Lotus F1 / May 2013

In May 2013, Daft Punk’s aerodynamics appear in the Formula One for the very first time, starring this minimal Lotus F1 Team 35-second commercial.

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