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Bill Murray is the man


We all know that Bill Murray is the man. He just is, there’s no denying it. Here we try to squash his best bits into ten picks – wish us luck and let us know below if you think we’ve missed any out, it was a hard choice…

1: Bill Murray doesn’t give autographs, no no, no! He prefers to give slow motion walks.

2: Always one to embrace other pop culture icons, here’s Bill Murray meeting GZA and RZA from Wu-Tang Clan in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, just look how hardcore he is, not even any milk…

3: Never mind ghosts, Slimer or any other part of Ghostbusters, our favourite part is a scene stealing, po-faced Murray with this line: “Yes, it’s true, this man has no dick.”

4: The fourth and fifth spots on our countdown both pay homage to one of (in our humble opinion) Bill Murray’s greatest films, The Life Aquatic. First up, Murray goes badass in a dressing gown in one of our favourite shooting scenes like, ever.

5: And let’s not forget about this dance. So subtle, yet so brilliant.

6: Another Murray classic is Caddyshack, his 1980 flick that was almost entirely improvised. The best bit? Murray’s ad libbed Dalai Lama story.

7: Wes Anderson, and indeed any fans ofRushmore, have a lot to thank Bill Murray for. On the first day of principal photography, Wes Anderson was so in awe of the actor that he delivered all directions to him in a hushed whisper, but Murray, never one to act a big shot, mucked in with the crew, helped haul equipment and when Disney denied a helicopter scene that would have cost the film $75,000 Murray stepped up and offered Anderson a blank cheque to cover the cost. What a guy.

8: Becoming despondent at the thought of living the same day over again, Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day takes matters into his own hands – stealing Phil the groundhog and even driving over the edge of a quarry in an attempt to end the time loop. A frazzled Murray stealing Phil is one of the standout scenes from the film, alongside this phrase – “Why would anyone steal a groundhog?’, “I can think of a few reasons, pervert…”


9: See Bill Murray downing his drink at a house party that he has actually crashed while being cheered on by revellers? He’s just like us…


10: …Or maybe he isn’t. His golf headwear is far superior.


(via HungerTV)


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