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Museum of Contemporary Art presents MOCAtv

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The Museum of Contemporary Art presents MOCAtv, a new contemporary art video channel for the expanding, international, online audience interested in visual culture.

Making use of the museum’s profound resources, MOCAtv adds curated and original videos to inform, educate and engage a global, interactive audience about contemporary art and its intersection with film, video, music, performance, dance, music, comedy, and more.

At launch MOCAtv’s programming will be presented in six distinctive strands including, Artist Video ProjectsThe Artist’s Studio, Art in The StreetsArt + MusicMOCA U, and YouTube Curated by, that will explore the confluence of art and related creative disciplines and cultural developments.

Featured here is the most recent episode of “Youtube Curated By” –  a series of hosted playlists, for which artists, tastemakers and art world celebrities curate from  contemporary art and visual culture content on YouTube. In this video, Robbie Conal, Poster Artist, diggs out his favorite videos of Francis Bacon, his interviews highlighting his spouts of genius as well as his drunken artistic identity search.


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