Music Video

Video director Vincent Haycock



Chesca-milesDazed magazine calls him as the “world’s most in-demand video master”: Vincent Haycock, part of the LA-avantgarde of non-performance music video directors. The former graphic designer has made videos for Florence Welch, Spiritualized, Miike Snow and Calvin Harris. He accomplishes to take the ethos and energy of a song and place it in a specific, often hyperrealistic setting. It’s as if the songs are merely the soundtrack to a lush, spare, complex, and deceivingly emotional cinematic journey.

His most recent music video for Raffertie’s song “Build Me Up” could be seen as half documentary, half surrealist music video, starring South Central locals the Mays Brothers as the central protagonists.

Our favorite video though is the visual accompaniment to Spiritualized’s “Little Girl”. Set in a bleak Eastern German corridor of burnouts and ruffians, we follow the stunning Chesca Miles, super-hot 22-year-old singer, model and UK’s first professional female Streetbike Freestyle stunt rider.

WATCH below!


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