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Music Video by German Krautrock band Kreidler


Kreidler is a German band from Düsseldorf combining electronic and analog instruments, and stays loyal to their sound since 1994.

Their surreal music video for the track “Moth Race” recently won the “15th MuVi Award for the Best German Music Video” at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, one of the oldest short film festivals in the world and one of the major international platforms for the short form.

Director Heinz Emingholz positioned his camera at the Montevideo airport and creates a rather peculiar but amusing music video showing peaces of meat and other random items floating through space like the passengers on airplanes.

Suitable to the video, founding band member Andreas Reihse rhymes:

»Wo ist das Schwirren? Das Summen? Das Schlieren?
Das Um-Her-Irren? Hier?
Im Warten? Zählst Du die Stunden? Die Runden?
Bis zum Aufruf? Das nennst Du Glück? Das ist Dein Paradies?
Seltswames Gluck…«


“Where’s the whirr? The buzzing? The streaks?
The wan-der-ring about? Here?
In waiting? You count the hours? The rounds?
Until the call? You call that luck? This is your paradise?
strange luck … ”


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